Anonymous asked: all odd numbers up to 29 :P

DAMNN. lol kay here goes.

1. Sexual orientation: i have no fucking clue lol. And i dont like to label myself either but if i have to, bisexual.
3. The one person who’s arms i’d like to be in: zulinnette.
5. Describe your self esteem: lower than the tenth layer of hell.
7. Favorite book: lol.. House of dark shadows.
9. Description of best friend: omg shes like the best human being ever, she has green eyes and like kinda dirty blondish hair and shes really pRetty and shes so nice, caring and she makes me feel so safe. She actually makes me feel that things will get better and that she will always be there for me and i love her so much cause shes so perfect. Shes my little sister.
11. Someone i miss: zulinnette.
13. What i did yesterday: shopping.
15. Description of person i dislike the most: um.. Coward,arrogant, stupid, ignorant.
17. How my last kiss went down: well, i took her to her favorite place, asked her to be my girlfriend and hugged, then kissed.
19. All of the pets ive ever had: 2 dogs, 2 birds, and lol the number of fish is impossible to know.
21. The one place i want to be right now: anywhere as long as shes by my side holding my hand.
23. Where i have lived before: toa alta, bayamon and currently in dorado.
25. What are my future plans: i really dont care much about the future.
27. What im doing tomorrow: road trip to Berlin.
29. Most embarrassing moment: um, i was pantsed in 8th grade and all the girls, two boys and the teachers saw.

Thank you for keeping me entertained, man!